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The mission

MISSION:  To provide a standardized food flow chart for preparing final dishes in the minimum time for time constrained individuals.

PROCESS:  The flow chart represents the entire process including measuring, combining, cooking, and the best part eating with the critical path as the longest process time.

Prepare foods to last 6 days, balanced meals.  Menus are roatetd throughout the month.  The meats are typically consumed earlier in the  week. 

THE STORY: I was not really the key cook in the household.  I merely ate whatever my wife would cook.  She did not cook meats too often.  I decided to buy my first book “ Madhur Jaffery Indian cooking” aswell as The Joy of Cooking book, and ventured away cooking meats, vegetarian and even baking. 

As a working professional with children, house career and social life, I wanted to prepare home cooked, healthy food made from raw starting materials versus processed foods.  I decided to cook all the family meals on Sunday to last the entire week including lunch and dinners.  I had to streamline my time spent in the kitchen.  Cooking is very similar to science and business, whereby, the individual needs to come up with a high level plan, generate a detailed process, implement and execute. 

To date I can prepare 7 dishes in 4.5hr.  I created a flow chart of each dish, generate a high level flow chart for each dish, chop all ingredients,  create buckets of pre-measured raw material, combine and cook.  The best part, the family can enjoy home cooked meals prepared in the minimum time and the children even admit my food tastes better than mom’s…